Service Strength


Information Technology Recruitment Specialist In the complex world of Information Technology, very few executive search firms possess strong understanding of the various professions inert in IT.


HR Network boasts of it’s strength in possessing the necessary skills, understanding And competence in sourcing and recruitment bona fide IT professionals.

Our company is considered in the market place as among the most reliable institutions in IT recruitment..  This is backed up by successful placements in various companies both local and abroad.








Rank & File / Supervisory Positions


People is our business, hence we not only cater to Managerial and Executive level positions.  We believe that searches are not only confined to top level posts but To other positions deemed as critical in any company Operations.

Regardless of the level of a position assigned to us for Search services, HR Network is more than willing to do The job.  




Top Level Executive Search 


Although known in the industry as specializing in Information Technology, HR Network also possesses strength in sourcing top level posts covering Managerial and Executive positions outside the IT foray. With proven milestones in recruitment of managers and executives, HR Network is deemed in the market place as one Of the top reliable search firms.








Candidate Database



HR Network’s database is deemed as solid and is continuously growing. Estimated at more than 100,000 resumes and still increasing for the past years of its operations. With the trust

of the market in terms of availing HR Network services, jobseekers send their resumes to us in trust of helping them find the “Best and Most Ideal” employers.