Executive Search

HR NETWORK is an Executive search or Third Party Recruitment Services. We are considered in the market place as among the most reliable search firms in the Philippines and we boast of our capabilities in doing varied recruitment assignments;  from simple to complex, and from Rank and File to High Level Executives. We possess a solid background in doing search activities for various industries such as Information Technology, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing (food and non-food), Semiconductor, Retail, Hotel and Tourism, Food Service Operations etc.

Our recruitment strategy comes from a strong foundation in the HR practice with extensive exposure in sourcing and screening of high-calibre people.  We enable the firm to provide timely and quality service for every executive search or headhunting assignment prescribed by our clients.

HR Network possesses a very large candidate database with a wide range of personal contacts in various industries and field of specialization; specific knowledge of the different areas of professions; and typically, exposed to the most senior level of executive positions.  Our team of highly qualified recruitment professionals are involved throughout the search and hiring process, conducting detailed interviews and presenting candidates to clients selectively, when they feel the candidate meets all stated requirements and would fit into the culture of our clients.

HR Network  have long-lasting relationships with its clients spanning many years, and in such cases the suitability of candidates has always been paramount for us.  We operate with a high level of professionalism hence corporate entities elect to utilize HR Network because of our integrity, reliability, capability, competence and quality of service.  We always do our best to serve the needs of all the client that gets our services.


Outsource Staffing Services

In business, companies now practice outsourcing non-core activities to legal service contractors which allow them to be more strategic in addressing business exigencies. These exigencies necessitate activities that have specific timelines with defined and targeted results. Service varies from administrative support, technical support, telemarketing and sales, programming, and the likes.

Outsourced Staffing involves the contracting out of a business process to another party which will allow companies to attain specific targets enabling faster turn-around in terms of deployment of people and completion of desired objectives. 

Outsourcing has become a major trend in human resources over the past decade. It's the practice of sending certain job functions outside a company instead of handling them in-house.  More and more companies, large and small, are turning to outsourcing as a way to grow while restraining payroll and overhead costs.  The key factors which have led to a growing trend of outsourcing are (1)   Lack of expert-labor in some portions of the business process., (2)  Availability of cheaper labor, whilst not comprising on the quality of output.,( 3)  Ability and feasibility to concentrate on the other crucial business process


Why Outsource?

  • Swiftness and Expertise:  Tasks outsourced to vendors who specialize in their field.  The outsourced vendors also have specific technical expertise, most of the times better than the ones at the outsourcing organization.  Effectively the tasks can be completed faster and with better quality output.

  • Concentrating on core process rather than the supporting ones:  Outsourcing the supporting processes gives the organization more time to strengthen their core business process.

  • Risk-sharing:  Outsourcing certain components of your business process helps your organization to shift certain responsibilities to the outsourced vendor. Hence, risk-mitigating factors are planned and put in place by the Outsourcing company.

  • Reduced Operational and Recruitment costs:  Outsourcing eludes the need to hire individuals in-house; Therefore, recruitment and operational costs can be minimized to a great extent. This is one of the prime advantages of  outsourcing.

We at HR Network is capable and ready to provide you with any of the following business streams:

  • IT outsourcing
  • Retail Sales
  • Web Development
  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Manufacturing/Production Staff
  • Technical/Customer Support
  • Telemarketing and Sales
  • Accounting Professionals
  • Others